Amid the nation’s growing calls for racial justice, nearly 60 percent of Los Angeles County voters have approved Measure J, an initiative that will divert millions of county dollars to social services for communities disproportionately affected by racism.

As part of Measure J, 10 percent of unrestricted, locally generated county funds, or about $360 million to $900 million, must go toward social services such as job training and jobs to low-income residents, access to capital for small minority-owned businesses, rent assistance, community-based restorative justice programs and mental health treatment.

Dubbed “Re-Imagine L.A. County,” Measure J prohibits L.A. county from spending the money on prisons, jails or law enforcement agencies.

After officially launching Yes on Measure J more than two weeks ago and running a 10-day flight of television advertising ahead of election day, the campaign has garnered 100 million digital impressions, the measure’s co-chairs, Isaac Bryan and Eunisses Hernandez told AList.

“For far too long the needs of our Black and brown communities fell on the budget chopping block and as a result, these communities have paid the price. Measure J will now change that,” said Hernandez, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The amendment will be phased in next July and fully implemented by June 30, 2024.

The passing of Measure J marks a momentous step in the nation’s journey toward a racial reckoning and coincides with Ayzenberg’s efforts to create more diverse and equitable career initiatives to bridge the racial gap in the advertising industry.

One such initiative includes a virtual career day Ayzenberg and LA Promise Fund recently hosted for more than 75 low-income high school students in South L.A. The program saw a group of Ayzenberg employees share the behind-the-scenes of their ad campaigns and how students can apply the skills they’re learning to real-world career options.

Ayzenberg is actively working to educate young black and brown students in the local community about design and advertising opportunities by continuing the conversation with BIPOC leaders in the space.

“Ayzenberg wholeheartedly supports the transformative Measure J and believes criminal justice reform will better the City of Los Angeles and will create a path forward for the entire country,” said Ayzenberg CEO Eric Ayzenberg.