Why Major Networks Are Investing In Streaming Services—And Advertisers Should Follow

Ad Age

According to an Advertiser Perceptions study by Tubi, advertisers now value streaming as much as or more than traditional linear television for a number of metrics, including total reach, quality of content and experience, measurement of metrics and demographics. 

Why it matters: The shift comes as major networks are responding to changes in viewership habits, leading them to acquire digital arms that already had the capability to quickly scale their streaming services. Now, more than two-thirds of advertisers plan to increase their streaming ad buys in the first half of 2021.

Shopping For Retail Media? Browse The Lessons Learned From Search Marketing First


Profitero CEO Bryan Wiener believes that amid a backdrop of surging ecommerce ad spend, solving for both ecosystem alignment and data connectivity could take retail’s search marketing to heights that Google can’t.

Why it matters: The best way brands can position to win is to align budgets and use advanced media buying strategies that leverage product and advertising analytics.

Wall Street Buzz: Trends On Balancing Purpose And Profit


The ability to grade, score, evaluate and assess companies based on their impact on the world and on people is becoming a key factor in the investment logic among some of the largest investment funds.

Why it matters: If brands lack an active sustainability and social responsibility strategy, they risk being left behind in terms of capital access. If they do have one, they must ensure they have enough disclosure around it so that it becomes a clear part of their story.

What Did David Droga Know At 36 That He Didn’t ­­­­At 34, And Why It Matters To Rob Reilly


WPP chief executive Mark Read poached another senior executive from McCann, creative director Rob Reilly, to serve as WPP’s global creative director—a position in which former creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi David Droga believes creative output can’t be influenced. 

Why it matters: Reilly’s appointment potentially indicates that WPP is rethinking its commitment to digital operations at the expense of traditional strategy.

Increase Mobile Game Revenue With Cross-Platform Functionality


Mobile developers will likely take a hit from Apple’s new privacy-focused IDFA rules, and in response expand to other platforms to offset any fallout.

Why it matters: Developers who have their own login system, and handle the commerce part of it so that transactions are going through their layer, will be able to target offerings much better and in turn, drive higher margins with their players.