Over half (54 percent) of online shoppers are members of subscription box services, according to a report from Clutch. From services that replenish products to ones that offer exciting experiences to consumers, subscription box services deliver a personalized shopping experience straight to consumers’ doors. 

Respondents were asked to rank their favorite subscription box services, which fell into two of the top three categories—curated services, replenishment services and access services. The findings show that 29 percent of respondents receive packages from Dollar Shave Club, followed by Ipsy (21 percent), Blue Apron (17 percent), BarkBox (17 percent) and HelloFresh (16 percent). Dollar Shave Club uses humor and viral videos to promote its personal grooming products, Ipsy and BarkBox curate personalized products for makeup lovers and dog owners, respectively and Blue Apron gives customers new recipes to try in cost-effective quantities.

According to Clutch, subscription box services rose in demand due to three major trends: the popularity of ecommerc, social media’s prevalence and consumers’ growing comfort with paying for value over time. Within the last few years, consumers’ increasing comfort with buying items online has blurred the line between ecommerce companies and subscription service-only companies. Now it’s simply all direct-to-consumer ecommerce. Additionally, social media has allowed niche communities to develop that subscription box services can profit from. 

The report also points out that Netflix has potentially helped consumers feel okay with receiving ongoing value from a transaction that’s a long-term investment. Subscription box services, then, challenge the notion that items need to be a specific price. “A lot of times, [companies are] paying 2-4 months’ worth of revenue upfront to acquire a customer, and they need that 5th, 6th, 7th month of renewals to actually make any profit on that customer,” co-founder of Cratejoy, Amir Elaguizy told Clutch.

Clutch’s survey included 528 US respondents ranging from 18-64 years old who ordered an item online within the past six months. Among the respondents, 285 subscribe to a subscription box service. Sixty-six percent of respondents are female, and 34 percent are male.