Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts this week’s trends.


Let’s be real. The new social media platform on the scene, ‘BeReal,’ dubs itself the simplest photo-sharing app. The app is trending around college campuses and is being utilized the same way as “casual Instagram,” but this time more casually. With no filters, no likes, and an allotted window to take the image, there is less time for grandiose efforts to capture the perfect picture. Its growth from 2021 to 2022, especially the apps jump in popularity in February 2022, showcases an undeniable desire from consumers to have less pressure around how they navigate the world digitally. Keeping it casual is cool, and all the bells and whistles brands are offering need to adjust to user behaviors.

Coolest Brands

Cool kids club. The newer generation in town, kids aged seven to fourteen, has let it be known what brands they do and don’t vibe with. According to Beano Brain, YouTube, Netflix, and Mcdonald’s, top the 50 coolest brands for kids and teens. But, of course, the gaming giants that landed on the list are also not to be missed. Digital platforms and gaming outlets such as Roblox, Minecraft, and more keep the younger generations informed and connected. As the true digital natives that already care deeply about sustainability and social issues grow into their own, their deep knowledge of the landscape should be empowered and elevated.


To gif or not to jif. TikTok has added a new addition to its arsenal of creative tools. The GIPHY integration will unlock a new way for users to tap into offerings not all platforms have. For example, gifs, sometimes associated with older demographics, don’t hold the same weight as they used to when integrated within apps like TikTok. Bridging the gap and allowing various users to feel connected and included with in-app experiences builds brand affinity and creates a fun experience for all.

Professional Accounts

Keep it profesh. Twitter’s professional accounts roll out for all users. Users can opt-in or out of the professional profile that allows ‘businesses, brands, creators, and publishers to grow and strengthen their presence on Twitter.’ The future success looks like the integration of professionalism with a dash of social presence for brands and creators alike.

Watch History

Somebody’s watching me. TikTok is now testing a ‘watch history’ feature to allow users to find content that easily gets lost down the rabbit hole. After watching a handful of videos, some find locating specific videos to watch again, share, or save an uphill battle. The testing and even addition of this new feature close a gap that many find helpful. Users are seeking out brand offerings that seem minuscule and like afterthoughts to simplify their in-app experiences.