Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts this week’s trends.

Cannes Film Festival

The TikTok takeover. TikTok has become the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival. Other notable partnerships include MTV and The Brit Awards. The official collaboration between the video-focused social media giant and the annual film festival underscores the importance of diversifying mediums and audiences. While some viewers frequently tune into festivals, award shows, and the like, the opportunity to get a fresh set of eyes and perspectives opens up a new look into the future. Both brands win, whether through viewership or credibility. Ultimately, the partnership highlights the continued power of meeting fans and the next segmentation of viewers where they are and where they aren’t.


Recipes, but make them shoppable, Instacart launches shoppable recipes on Hearst Magazine, TikTok, Tasty, and more. The move is similar to brands tapping into people’s desires for accessibility and ease throughout their online and social media shopping experiences. The desire to shop quickly becomes a large void a brand can successfully fill by accessible click-to-cart pathways. The integration between social media and shopping continues to boom, and it points out that e-commerce is here to stay.


From the renegade to recruitment. The next generations are rewriting the 9 to 5 and what it looks like to be an employee worldwide. To many, a job is a job, is a job, and life beyond that means much more. Many new employees have onboarded virtually, worked remotely, and connected globally; the combination has created a perfect storm for shaping what’s next in the employment world. However, understanding the ecosystem is not enough, as they have made it crystal clear what they want from employers, and they won’t back down. Having a pulse on the matter at hand props brands up to create a better work culture for all, not just those bravely demanding it.

Old Navy

The rest is still unwritten. That’s right; the internet wrote old Navy’s commercial. Although comments can be harsh and unwarranted, consumers’ desire to have their feedback heard or the ability to participate in production increases brand affinity. Listening and leaning into what is being said does not have to be a negative experience. Instead, it offers an opportunity to include fans and make new and groundbreaking experiences.


There is no denying TikTok’s influence in the music industry as many songs have skyrocketed, and users cite that is how they find the latest music. Recently, the app has launched “SoundOn,” allowing users to upload music directly to the platform. The new addition is free of charge and rivals the paid experiences that many competitors are now offering. Giving power to the people who deserve it is how industries are rightfully moving towards. The transitions are a small glimpse into the democratization the future holds.