Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts the past week’s most significant trends.

Cheekbone – Unsellable Lipgloss

Cheekbone beauty releases a new line of lipgloss inspired by contaminated water that isn’t available for sale anywhere. In their #GlossedOver campaign, lipglosses titled E.coli Kiss, Mercury Shimmer, and Luscious Lead are displayed in recognition of Indigenous History Month. The campaign brings awareness to First Nation Communities in Canada that don’t have access to clean water. With a bold statement, “You wouldn’t put a contaminated gloss on your lips, so why should anyone put contaminated water to theirs?” in tandem with Sephora Canada donations, the campaign showcases how being a conduit for change can be creative too.  

Drake – Honestly, Nevermind

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. Six hours before its release, Drake announced the drop of his seventh studio album The album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” came as a surprise to many and was reminiscent of Beyonce’s latest drop for her new album “Renaissance” and her self-titled album “Beyonce,” which had no promo. The releases feel like a breath of fresh air in a world full of carefully curated moments at every marketing stage. However, brands must be mindful of the ramifications of “surprise” capsules, releases, and drops, as although the shoe fits for some, it does not fit for many. 

YouTube Shorts

Life’s too short. Earlier this week, YouTube announced that its Shorts tops 1.5 billion logged-in users every month. The statistic is actively being compared to TikTok’s announced 1 billion monthly users data point. The TikTok-like short-form videos are said to be a segue into creators’ longer formatted videos. Although previously stated to be off to a rocky start, the feature is gaining traction. Increasingly, platforms are implementing comparable features that other big brands utilize to their detriment or success. Of course, brands can have a mixture of new and old features, but being everything to everyone all the time, may not be the best answer.