Tupperware has opened its first-ever temporary store, a pop-up in New York, as part of its strategy to redefine the brand and launch its revamped shoppable website. Reduced dividends in the final quarter of 2018 and consumers’ shifting behavior led the brand to enter direct-to-consumer (DTC) retail. The kitchen and household products have historically only been available for purchase directly from sales reps or at Tupperware parties.

The Soho pop-up includes displays showcasing the original Tupperware items consumers still appreciate today in addition to microwavable grills, wine bottle openers and pull-cord food processors. Attracting shoppers of the anti-plastic generation has also encouraged the brand to use the pop-up as a place to educate consumers on Tupperware’s stance on single-use plastics. 

To coincide with the opening of the pop-up, Tupperware also launched an updated website, where customers can communicate with sales reps and learn more about hosting a Tupperware party.

Tupperware’s chief executive, Tricia Stitzel, said of the brand’s new direction that there’s a need for “greater engagement, access, updated business models and relevance.”

Given the brand is actively pursuing different ways to connect Tupperware products with consumers, a pop-up is a smart place to start. Vice-president of global brand engagement, Chip Reingold, said the pop-up gives Tupperware the opportunity to try experiential marketing and test the waters on reaction to the brand and the product mix. After building more access points, Tupperware’s mission is to promote awareness then roll ecommerce out across all markets as it currently operates in under 100.