While certain people have been talking about various types of motion controls and how important they will be at E3, 3D might have a bigger impact. With Nintendo to reveal details on the 3DS, Sony looking to make 3D related PS3 announcements and other publishers likely to have revelations of their own, the corner could turn on 3D technology and games.

“What we are trying to do in the 3D space is part of a cross-Sony initiative,” said SCEE CEO and president Andrew House. “We’ve realized, particularly for a younger audience, that games can be an easier way for people to engage with 3D than movies. This will be on the cutting edge of gaming for the next year or two. If Avatar taught us one thing in an age of globalization, it s that when consumers embrace something it moves quickly. This is definitely a wave of the future and one that we intend to ride.”

“Natal and Move are two new tools, but I don t think either are the next revolution of games,” says Namco Bandai Partners chief Olivier Comte. “I believe the next revolution will be 3D. I have tested some 3D games and I think it is a big change.”

TV broadcasters and movie makers have already benefited from the 3D wave sweeping entertainment. Still, not every publisher is quite so bullish about the technology.

“We are looking at 3D but there are challenges,” said EA Sports president Peter Moore. “I’ve seen a number of our games running in 3D, and we re learning that we can t take the existing camera angles. You have to get lower and have depth of field to actually see it. You ve got to look at things differently than just porting to 3D, because 50 per cent of what you are seeing you can t even tell it s 3D. I m not sure it adds value to the experience.”

“The use of 3D needs to be meaningful to the gamer and publishers will need to ask questions,” said Take-Two CEO Ben Feder. “Will it draw players further into my world? Will it change how they interact with the game? Will it make the title more fun and keep the player engaged? The answers need to be yes for them to fit into our strategy of being a leader in innovation and quality.”

Source: MCV