If you’ve ever thought about buying something online, only to change your mind at the last minute and leave the item sitting in your virtual shopping cart – you’re not the only one.

Shoppers who visit these websites and don’t complete these orders are quite frequent, with approximately two-thirds of visitors not finishing up their orders. This has been a number that’s been steady for quite a few years, according to a report from MarketLive, an eCommerce site which specializes in tracking abandonment rates.

The eMarketer report “Shopping Cart Abandonment: How Retailers Are Using the Metric to Drive Better Results,” points out the rate of abandonment over the quarter. The number has been pretty steady, starting out at 72.8 percent in the beginning of 2012 and concluding at 67.9 percent by the end of 2013.

The reasons behind said incompletion of orders It boils down to three: the stickiness of consumer behaviors, the growth of mobile shopping and slow economic recovery.

Even with these incomplete orders, however, shoppers are still getting a wealth of information about items, which retailers hope to use as insights for remarketing on certain items.

Source: eMarketer

Image source: Lies Young Women Believe