Research is showing steady spending on search ads even as the rest of the ad sector contracted this year, reports NY Times.  Two research reports show little or no decline in search ad spends year over year, with growth in the five to ten percent range compared to last quarter.  The trend isn’t just benefiting Google, it’s helping Microsoft’s Bing maintain traction.

According to the article, Google gets about 71 percent of search ad revenues.  Bing s share is relatively small but gaining.  Researcher Efficient Frontier saw Bing s share of ad revenue grow by more than a fifth to 5.3 percent in the third quarter.  On the user side, it tracked 17 percent more clicks on Bing in the same quarter.  Another report by Search Ignite looked at revenue share compared to last year.  It found Bing share grew by 15 percent and Google by 5 percent, while Yahoo saw a 25 percent drop.

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