Assassin’s Creed was initially conceived by Ubisoft to be a trilogy of games that would presumably finish during this generation of consoles. However, with the success the series has wrought, it will continue as a franchise for the foreseeable future and Assassin’s Creed III creative director Alex Hutchinson has a general idea for how it will go down.

“We know the beats. There was an ending planned, but the success of the series affected that a lot. You can get screwed by too much success or too much failure,” said Hutchinson. “If you’re successful then you want to keep going. But if you come up with this big epic story with a great ending and you don’t succeed to start then you don’t get to make that ending.”

Hutchinson described the series in terms of Star Trek in how it will perpetuate itself. “What we’re really trying to do now is start and end narrative arcs. The way I pitch it to people is that this is Star Trek: The Next Generation,“ he said. “Someone is going to make Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and that’s fine. But we need to have a satisfying conclusion to this storyline and this part of it.”

There’s a delicate balance between expanding on a franchise and running it into the ground and Hutchinson acknowledges this issue. “So we ended Ezio’s storyline. And I think we’re getting better at beginning and ending other parts of the game. As we move on you’ll see new storylines come up, other storylines end. I hope we get to do these games for a long time, but we’re trying not to draw things out for too long anymore,” Hutchinson said.

Source: The Financial Post