It’s three days until the biggest sales event of the year (well, two for certain retailers), and many shoppers are already getting prepared to deal with the onslaught of midnight madness and other sales to get the best deals. BGR has taken the liberty of making shopping a little more convenient for folks by setting up a Black Friday 2014 cheat sheet, which keeps all the ads and deals in one convenient place.

Through the cheat sheet, all the major retailers are listed, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and others. Although individual deals aren’t listed (that would take an immense amount of space), the cheat sheet does include links to all of the retailers’ Black Friday pages, as well as other notable items when it comes to shopping. For example, with Amazon, Prime subscribers have additional access to special days, up to 30 minutes prior to other consumers.

On BGR’s main page, there are also separate listings for special deals being offered by retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. These are more detailed than the cheat sheet, and provide a better idea of what retailers may have – in case the sites may be overrun with traffic or all the deals can’t quite be seen.

In addition to store chains, a variety of online retailers’ deals have been included as well. Newegg, for example, will offer deals starting from November 27th at 12:01 AM PDT through the weekend. In addition, Microsoft has also launched a week of special sales for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. The full list can be found here, although it should be noted that consumers need an Xbox Live Gold membership to take advantage of most of these deals.

This year’s shopping event is looking to be just as crazy as previous years. In fact, some people have already begun camping out for these special deals, in the hopes of getting the jump on the midnight and Thanksgiving crowds that usually gather. It’s sure to bring in big sales numbers for retailers, but also a little bit of chaos, as some people will apparently get out of control to get the best bargain on a television or another item.

Your best bet Be part of an exclusive shopping program. As stated, Amazon Prime members will have early access to deals, and members of Best Buy’s My BestBuy program can already get select deals that will be handed out to the public this Friday.