Binge watching has become a new trend amongst streaming channels, and why not When a new season of House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black debuts, we can’t help but watch it all the way through to see what happens. Now, such a programming binge could helpful to advertisers as well.

A new research report from Annalect, a part of Omnicom Media Group’s marketing technology platform, suggests that 58 percent of binge viewers enjoy watching at least three episodes of a show in one sitting, and don’t have to be treated to ads as a result.

So how is this a good thing The study also shows that viewers can tolerate ads provided that the right circumstances are given. A third of binge viewers said that they don’t mind seeing ads while they take part in their sessions, as it provides a bit of a break. Others believe it’s easy to put up with as long as there’s a low subscription rate.

“Many consumers understand that there is a value equation, so if they’re getting to watch on their own terms, they have to sit through ads,” said Annalect U.S. research director Jed Meyer. “Live TV is ad-supported and people do watch ads. The good ads cut through the clutter.

Even though Netflix doesn’t partake in showing ads, other video-on-demand services, like devoted TV video channels and Hulu, do. Binge viewers of such programming are more receptive of ads compared to TV viewers who just watch casually. Approximately 20 percent of binge viewers say they often discuss ads with friends and family, compared to the 12 percent of non-binge viewers. 15 percent even go as far as sharing ads on social media if they watch via binge, compared to the 7 percent that watch normal television.

It appears that binge viewing is on the rise . . . so you don’t have to feel bad about yourself as you sit through your next Game of Thrones marathon. Indulge!

Source: Wall Street Journal