It’s time to take a trip back to Columbia with a stop in Rapture for good measure. 2K Games has released the first of three downloadable content packs for the first-person action/adventure game Bioshock Infinite. The first pack, Clash In the Clouds, includes four new battle maps with 15 waves of enemies. It also comes with an interactive museum where players can get a good look at character models, behind-the-scenes videos and other Bioshock-related goodies.

That’s just the start of 2K Games’ DLC plans.  A new story-based arc will be introduced later this year with Burial At Sea, which takes place in Rapture, the underwater city first introduced in the original Bioshock. Here, players will once again control an alternate version of Infinite hero Booker DeWitt as he seeks out Elizabeth, his cohort from the original game.  At one point in the game, you’ll also be able to play as Elizabeth, though she’ll control differently than Booker does and more in a “survival horror” sense.

Clash In the Clouds can be downloaded now for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam/PC for $4.99.