Early game video leaks laying bare rough visuals, early game play and other development warts can be disastrous.  If the game’s not in development, at least it gets you back in the press.  Game sites including 1up are showing two videos of games that were cancelled when their studios were shuttered.

It turns out now-closed EA Warrington had been working on a remake of the classic motorcycle racer Road Rash.   A video labeled Road Rash Raging Pre-vis surfaced over the weekend, showing game play very much inspired by the original.

Another shuttered studio, BottleRocket, had been working on an unannounced game when Namco Bandai very publicly took away their core project Splatterhouse.   While 1up reports rumors had circled about the studio working on a superhero Flash game, a video posted on YouTube by a member with the handle misterbigmouth confirms it.

Check out the Road Rash video here at 1up {link no longer active}.

Check out BottleRocket’s Flash video here at 1up {link no longer active}.