From VG247:

Capcom released its Platinum Hits Triple Pack featuring Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet: Colonies Edition this past Tuesday.  It was such a nice package of games, we decided to contact Capcom to find out if more were planned for the year or the very near future.

We’ve been doing Triple Pack collections pretty steadily over the last three years, Capcom’s Chris Kramer told VG247. In 2006 we did a DMC collection for PS2 and in 2007 we did a Resident Evil PS2 collection.  These collections are a great way to introduce new players to ongoing series, extend life of our back-catalog products and bring old favorites back at reasonable prices.

We don’t have any new announcements at the moment the Triple Pack is just launching but I wouldn’t rule out more collections in 2010.

As the economy continues to struggle and household budgets shrink, we think package deals like the ones Capcom are offering are a great way to expand the consumer base. The games they’re offering have already reached their sales plateau, but at a competitive price and packaged with other games, we expect other companies to follow suit this and next year, especially through DLC.