DmC: Devil May Cry is the latest chapter in the “stylish action” series, and is notably the first to be developed outside of Japan. This has resulted in a naturally different product, though its still important to maintain a balance between old and new fans of the series, along with Japanese and Western sentiments.

“The theme with this DMC is ‘rebirth,'” said Motohide Eshiro, Capcom producer to Famitsu magazine. “We want to make a new Devil May Cry that still retains and takes advantage of the current game world, and I thought it’d be best to leave that task to a team that understood what makes DMC fun while being able to approach it from a different viewpoint than a Japanese outfit. Ninja Theory has a great deal of talent when it comes to visuals, and I figured that combining that with Capcom’s action-game experience would give us that new game we’re looking for.”

“We had Ninja Theory think about what Dante would look like if he was ‘cool’ from an overseas perspective. He has to be appealing to Japanese people as well, though, so the current design is the result of several rounds of fine-tuning,” said Eshiro, adding, “It’s a major challenge we’ve undertaken. It’s a different team and so naturally it’ll be a different game from before, but the entire team is working hard to ensure the play feel is the same. It’s a brand-new DMC born from the DNA of the rest of the series.”

Source: 1UP