A possible trend in video game characters having their own Twitter accounts is being taken one step further by Capcom, who has the two main characters of an upcoming Wii Resident Evil game each recounting their adventures on the microblogger.

From Kotaku: {link no longer active}

Leon’s Twitter feed started in mid-July, with just one message: “Sharing my adventure with you.” Then he went quiet for a couple of weeks, returning in early August with what has become a steady stream of updates every day, all of which are in-character and which even show up on the weekends.

Claire Redfield, labeled on Twitter as Claire Darkside, for some reason, has been maintaining a feed too. She follows Leon. Leon follows her. They follow no one else and have about 900 followers apiece.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles ships November 17 for the Nintendo Wii, tweets not included.