Microsoft’s keeping plenty busy with new technology these days, as it’s currently prepping its Xbox One next-generation video game hardware for a holiday release. However, that isn’t stopping its team members from exploring another avenues – in this case, a possible reiteration of its Kinect mobile technology.

Microsoft has filed a patent {link no longer active} for a “Multiplayer gaming With Head-Mounted Display,” which looks to be the equivalent of Google Glass but with better motion technology included – in this case, Kinect, which was initially introduced for the Xbox 360 game console a couple of years ago.

With this display, a second player could easily enter a multiplayer game, accept verbal cues to take part, and even use eye tracking to set up specific functions within it. The two users in the multiplayer session would also be able to share a unified point of view, creating a surreal gaming experience in the process.

Microsoft hasn’t said a word about this technology yet, but seeing as how it’s looking to innovate with the Xbox One – especially with Sony’s PlayStation 4 competing for popularity – it’s probably just a matter of time.

Source: GigaOm