Cross-platform play is quickly becoming more prominent in the gaming sphere and it might become common in a very short period of time. Trip Hawkins, founder and CEO of Digital Chocolate, sees the revolution driven by multiple facets, but especially browser games.

We have several million daily players and over 100 million monthly play sessions just on Facebook alone,” said Hawkins. “We’re the first company in the world that organically from our own effort has had over 100 million downloads on mobile devices and over 100 million play sessions on the web outside of Facebook and over 100 million play sessions with virtual goods games. We’ve done all of these things in all of the new digital media and we think the business model of the future is going to be browser-based free-to-play social games with virtual goods.”

“There’s a really radical change going on right now from traditional distribution business models that in the old days involved brick-and-mortar retail packaged goods to digital,” said Hawkins. “You have streaming and downloads from App stores, but the real destination of digital is the browser because of the convenience and the ubiquity of the browser. The browser has already essentially won out on the PC as the fundamental way that people organize how they use their computer. It’s already won mobile phones in Japan. It’s going to be the big winner on tablets. I expect it will also penetrate the TV market. The browser is just so convenient because everybody in the world is growing up knowing how to use a browser.”

Source: IndustryGamers {link no longer active}