Electronic Arts has announced that their Play4Free library of titles has well over 25 million registered users worldwide. Games like Battlefield Play4Free, Battleforge, Lord of Ultima and Dragon Age Legends have hit a combined 5 million registered users while larger franchises Battlefield and Need for Speed have hit 10 million registered users in their F2P incarnation.

“Developing a community of 25 million players is a remarkable achievement. It is a testament to the explosive growth of the free-to-play market and a reflection of EA’s commitment to spearheading the digital transformation. We plan to continue to innovate in the category, introduce new gameplay that delights players and keeps them coming back for more,” said Sean Decker, Play4Free, vice president. “For our teams, this is an incredibly exciting time to be making games as the audience continues to grow and diversify.”

EA also announced that Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances will be going through a beta trial via EA’s Play4Free studio.