Electronic Arts has a couple of large Xbox One exclusives coming up in Titanfall and the “Ultimate Team” feature for FIFA 14. However, it isn’t content on staying exclusively in Microsoft’s camp, and recently reaffirmed its intentions with Sony and Nintendo as well.

Speaking with CVG, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau insisted that the relationship between the publisher and the system makers was still a strong one.

“One of the things that struck me this week is how a tactical deal with one of our platform partners has been blown out and perceived as strategic tilt – that’s a messaging error on our part. There is no strategic tilt,” said Gibeau.

Even though Sony and EA don’t have any exclusives lined up at the moment, Gibeau insisted “it’s a long cycle” and something could easily come down the road.

As far as Nintendo goes, EA Sports executive vice president Andrew Wilson spoke with IGN about the relations with that company.

“We’re not building for Nintendo right now, but we have a tremendous relationship with them and have had a long relationship with them, and should it make sense for us to do so in the future we’ll absolutely roll on that plan,” he stated.

Source: GamesIndustry International