Facebook is hoping to incentivize users to try out Facebook credits for the first time with a new offer. While roughly 5 percent of gamers on Facebook ever purchase anything at all, roughly 20 percent of users who make a first-time purchase come back to spend more within a month.

“The customer clicks the icon and the offer overlay appears. For just $1, gamers will receive $1 worth of Facebook Credits and $4 worth of your in-app currency — a $5 value for only $1,” writes Facebook Engineer Pratap Pv. “To get the most from this promotion, we recommend implementing in-app currency offers. This will ensure that the $4 free value is redeemed by the user in your in-app currency. If you have not implemented in-app currency offers in your application, the user will redeem the $4 free value in Facebook Credits.

Source: developers.facebook.com