Gameloft is one of the top mobile publishers in the world, but they currently rely upon ngmoco and OpenFeint to bring their games to various parts of Asia. However, they may be looking to offer their own platform, while maintaining close contacts with more established partners.

“Yes, that’s also something that we are working on, and investigating to see if it makes sense to,” said Senior Vice President Gonzague de Vallois. “We always value the consumer experience, so if it makes sense to add this component to our games, then we will do it — and that’s something we are studying now.”

“As Gameloft, we want to keep a direct relationship with the consumers, so we feel it can be dangerous that we have somebody in the middle, that will dictate whether the consumer will take,” added de Vallois. “Those guys have been pretty successful in Asia — DeNA and GREE — and we have a strong presence in Japan, so we’ve been working with them in Japan. On the feature phone business, not yet on the smartphone business. DeNA, mainly.”

Source: Gamasutra