GameStick, an Android based home gaming console has reportedly had its July release date moved back to August to address some concerns. The concerns being addressed were mostly involved with the UI of the system. Developers wanted to get more feedback from users to they could refine it before being released.

The device will be a USB sizes stick that will plug directly into the HDMI slot on any TV, then act as an Android based gaming console. This is the second delay to the system’s release that has been announced, but the release is still only a couple of months away even with this new delay put into place. Hopefully this time will be well spent into making this new experiment in Android gaming a success.

The console will retail for only $79, and with the vast array of free or inexpensive Android games it poses a potential threat to the current generation of consoles. Of course, the GameStick will still need good distribution in retail stores to really be competitive, and a marketing campaign wouldn’t hurt, either. We also have yet to see if the current generation of consoles will reduce prices; a Wii or an Xbox 360 at $99 would be formidable competition.

Source: TechCrunch