The organizers of the Game Developers Conference said that 46 percent of all attendees reported working in companies of 10 people or less, with 53 percent of respondents self-identifying as indie developers. 58 percent of GDC attendees are planning to release their next games on tablets and smartphones, 51 percent have been independent for less than two years, while a third said they were relying on their own savings or assets apiece.

In console development, Xbox 360 was the most popular at 13.9 percent saying they were targeting the system, followed by the PS3 at 12.4 percent, Microsoft’s next-gen system at 11.3 percent, the PS4 at 10.8 percent, and the Wii U at 6.5 percent. Dedicated handhelds saw an even lower percentage of developers, with just 5 percent of developers making their next title for the PS Vita, and fewer than 3 percent working on the 3DS.

When asked what new markets interested them most 58.2 percent reported tablets, with 56.4 percent saying smartphones, while steamboxes were at 45.4 percent and Android-based consoles mentioned by 37.1 percent of respondents. By contrast, Microsoft’s next console was interesting to 29.5 percent, followed by the PS4 at 27.3 percent.  The Wii U lagged significantly, with interest from 12.6 percent of surveyed developers.

The 2013 Games Developers Conference takes place in San Francisco from March 25-29.