When you want to go to a movie, sometimes it’s hard to figure out just what you’re in the mood to see. However, with the help of a new Google Glass application called Preview, it might be a little easier to make a decision next time.

The Glassware app enables the activation of a movie’s trailer simply by looking at its poster, which activates right there in the Glass headset. The video below demonstrates how easy it is to view different trailers for posters.

Put together by Takahiro Horikawa, the app has been in the works since January, with tweaks going into its development. It’s officially left beta status. Horikawa stated, “Preview for Glass is a future application for Google Glass that changes your movie life. With Preview, when you are go to the theater and look for a good movie, you don’t need to take your smartphone out and type a movie title in search box to see if you are interested in it. Preview allows you to watch a movie trailer instantly by just looking at a movie poster.”

Just a word of advice – don’t forget to take off your Google Glass headset when entering the theater. Owners aren’t too thrilled with those.