The Halo Wars 2 showcase briefing led with an all-new trailer featuring humans battling against massive alien characters. Afterwards, Dan Ayoub, studio head of strategy games at 343 Industries, stepped out onto the stage to present the background story of the game. Halo Wars is one of the most requested sequels from the fan community, and fans got their first look at the game from the Xbox pre-E3 press briefing.

The game will continue the adventures of the Spirit of Fire crew, as they find themselves on a gigantic and ancient alien construct called the Ark. There, they face a new faction called The Banished, led by a warlord named Atriox. The alien commander is new to the Halo universe and presents a threat that the Spirit of Fire is completely unprepared for. He’s a brilliant leader with a massive army backing him.

Halo Wars 2 releases for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs February 21, 2017, and will support cross-platform play as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. But console fans won’t have to wait that long to try out the game. Ayoub announced that a week-long beta is being hosted on Xbox One starting today, and concluded his presentation with a gameplay trailer to give fans a taste of what to expect.

The game will feature some of the largest multiplayer maps the strategy game series has ever seen, and will have five gameplay modes: skirmish, strongholds, domination, deathmatch, and the all-new blitz.