Tech companies often hold promotional events for their upcoming devices, and it’s not unusual for a company to plan an event that offers a unique and innovative experience for its consumers.  Unfortunately, someone over at LG Electronics is probably getting an earful over their latest effort, where 20 people were injured.

In an event for its new G2 smartphone in Seoul, Korea, the company offered random coupons for a giveaway for the device by hiding them in balloons released in a public park. The event was heavily promoted on social media, and people showed up carrying BB guns (and in one case, a spear) to better their chances of popping balloons. Unfortunately, things went bad quickly, and several people were injured while trying to get the coupons.

“Some were using BB guns to shoot the balloons. As far as I know, there were only some 20 security guards. LG should have placed more security personnel as the event was already promoted via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and leading local portals. Some of the injured were hospitalized,” wrote a blogger on the scene.

As a result, subsequent events for the G2 phone have been cancelled. “We cancelled events offering free G2 smartphones that had been scheduled in major cities nationwide, including Busan, due to safety concerns,” the company said in a statement. LG promised compensation for medical treatment for those people who were injured.

Source: Korea Times