Facebook-owned photo sharing social network Instagram has implemented a change to the program today that allows users to take video on their phone and share it with their followers. The new functionality allows users to take up to 15 seconds of video and apply Instagram’s trademark filters.

The move makes Instagram a direct competitor to micro-videoblogging site Vine, which allows users to share short 6 second videos. Vine returned fire after Instagram’s release today by announcing several changes to their own software, like saving drafts for later.

Brands have already begun to utilize the new Instagram feature for marketing purposes, wasting no time in exploring this new marketing possibility. Yoga gear maker Lululemon has already uploaded a 15 second video, “Every mat has a story to tell.” Reportedly, Burberry will also be releasing an Instagram ad in the next couple of days.

Video game companies have been using Vine to market their products, and it’s not hard to imagine them making the quick jump to Instagram Video too. Bethesda made a couple of Vines teasing their games The Evil Within and Wolfenstein before they were announced. The addition of another nine seconds to Vine’s six second limit opens up options to communicate more about a game and its universe, and for the talents of advertisers accustomed to creating narratives for 15-second spots.

Source: CNN