Usually, when it comes to play games with others on iPhone, gamers have to turn to the Game Center app in order to connect. However, Apple may be looking for a way to simplify this process with its forthcoming iOS 8 update.

A report from 9to5Mac indicates that the operating system could simplify a number of things when it comes to game connection and other services. While nothing has been confirmed by the company yet, this could include improvements to the Notification Center, including the removal of the “missed” tab so users don’t keep getting updates on their display.

Voice Memos could also go through some refining, with a better interface to make it easier to control when recording options. Perhaps the most critical change could come to Game Center, as Apple may remove the app altogether in favor of a simpler connectivity service with game players. Players would connect to other gamers within each game, rather than going through a central Game Center app.

All of these moves would be intended to clean up the Home screen, so users can get around much easier. It’s just a matter of time before Apple reveals just what changes are in store.

Source: TechCrunch