Microsoft used this week s Consumer Electronics Show to present more highlights from its games business and forecast a big year  ahead for its game console. As reported in Fast Company, Microsoft’s Craig Beilinson, director of marketing for entertainment and devices, said at the show that 2010 will be the biggest year in Xbox s history. The company pointed to one major development in the coming year as the launch of Project Natal powering motion-controlled Xbox 360 games. Microsoft also highlighted Xbox 360 exclusives, saying the expansion pack to Activision blockbuster  Modern Warfare 2 will hit its console first before becoming available on Sony PlayStation 3. Other high profile titles noted as either debuting first or remaining exclusive on Xbox 360 include Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell Conviction, EA’s Mass Effect 2, and Microsoft’s own Halo: Reach and Crackdown 2. Microsoft also called the launch of Xbox Live Game Room as a major development for the console. The Game Room is a 3D avatar-populated environment on Xbox Live where players can browse and access classic arcade games.  Read more at Fast Company.