From Joystiq:

A Joystiq tipster sent us the image seen above, which was supposedly taken from a survey on The survey asks quite simply, “If 1 vs 100 were not available as part of your Gold Membership account, how likely would you be to purchase 1 vs 100 for $15 per season (13 weeks)?” If the survey is genuine, 1 vs. 100 might not be free after all. Is this what the Season Pass was all about? 

We’re not sure what would trigger such a change of heart: perhaps the prize model isn’t as viable as Microsoft had hoped, or perhaps the number of viewers is lower than expected. Of course, it’s only a survey, and it certainly isn’t a confirmation that 1 vs. 100 will see any significant changes at all.

This sort of market research is done all the time, so bloggers should be wary of jumping to conclusions, but this does pique our interest for how well Microsoft did financially with 1 Vs 100, given the prominent Sprint sponsor.  We ve reached out for comment and will follow up with anything we learn.