Mob Rules Games has announced a Kickstarter fund drive to lay the groundwork for its first game. The player community will get to choose between three different games that Mob Rules will prototype first: Guerrilla Gorilla, Haunts and The Last Second.

“Our company values are rooted in transparency, what we describe as being open, honest, inventive and fun. That’s the inspiration behind launching by instantly building our community and giving them a voice,” said Rick Dakan, co-founder and designer at Mob Rules. “We have visions for each of these games. Part of our vision is to get some wisdom from our crowd of voters.”

“Generous support from the Open Game Labs got us started,” said Austin McKinley, co-founder and artist at Mob Rules. “We believe that since the players are ultimately the ones who determine a game company’s fate, we should work with them as closely as possible while still retaining our vision for cool, fun and affordable games.”