In an effort to help developers and publishers gauge how much it costs to acquire new users for an app, Fiksu will soon launch a pair of new mobile app marketing indices to help figure out how much these costs will actually be.

Costs can make all the difference for app makers, especially when it comes to attracting new users over current ones that own an app. Sometimes the cost of getting these users can be higher than the revenue the app can actually make in its average lifetime — which is bad news when it comes to making a profit.

According to the new indices, the cost of acquiring users for iOS and Android-based apps came pretty close, with only about a 16 cent difference between the two. This follows a period 10 months prior when they were further apart, something Fiksu considers a “post-holiday correction.

Fiksu’s Cost per Install index will focus on download costs, as well as the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising. For January, these costs were $1.27 on Android and $1.01 on iOS, with the Android CPI number down 29 percent from $1.80 and iOS going up from 13 percent since December.

More information on these indices can be found here.

Source: Venturebeat