Mobile advertising has certainly come a long way over the past few years – and it looks like it’s paying off more than other types of campaigns.

A report from Mobile Marketing Magazine indicated that, according to findings from the Mobile Marketing Association and findings from its Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness study, the optimal spend for mobile advertising has seen a double-digit percent increase in the total campaign spend. This is far more than what most marketers were expecting, showing the true effectiveness of the format.

“The market has acknowledged there is a deep chasm between what brands are currently spending on mobile and consumer behavior, but now there is real, indisputable proof on the value of mobile to a brand’s business goals,” said MMA CEO, Greg Stuart. “I believe mobile presents the greatest transformation of marketing in our generation. With empirical data, SMoX now demonstrates the competitive opportunity for those marketers who figure out how to leverage the power of mobile effectively and optimize their spending with the most impactful allocations in their marketing mix, finally keeping pace with consumers.”

As a result, the MMA feels that marketers should increase their overall campaign ROI with a boost in mobile spend, while keeping budget at about the same level.

The report analyzed a number of effective mobile advertising programs, including Coca-Cola’s Gold Peak Tea Campaign, which showed a 25 percent mobile charge in terms of top-of-mind awareness, as well as 9 percent of “home brewed taste” image conversions, and 6 percent in sales, with five percent of the campaign budget.

Another program, WalMart’s Back To School Campaign, also showed healthy numbers, with a larger number of mobile interactions over broadcast and cable TV advertisements. A total of 14 percent of change in overall shipping intent was reported from the mobile format alone.

“It’s clear that mobile is becoming an increasingly critical part of the marketing mix,” said Wanda Young, VP of Media and Digital Marketing, Walmart. “It’s not only driving brand and campaign awareness, but also in-store foot traffic.”

MasterCard’s Travel Card campaign was also noted, with increase in mobile display and video interaction. “SMoX represents a real breakthrough in the mobile marketing industry,” said Adam Broitman, VP of Global Digital Marketing, MasterCard. “It’s the first thorough and comprehensive industry study that proves the true value of mobile.”

More notes on the campaign, including the effectiveness on AT&T’s Moto X campaign and general coverage of methodology, can be found here.

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