It seems, as of late, that the audience interested in mobile games is certainly widening, with more and more female gamers stepping up to play the likes of Candy Crush Saga, amongst other mobile releases. And according to a new study from EEDAR, some new download numbers back up that theory.

The report, 2014 Deconstructing Mobile and Tablet Games indicates that more women have stepped up to play. From that report, 56 percent of all mobile gamers consist of females, while the remaining 44 percent are males.

However, the gaming habits vary. “Heavy gamers” who spend a lot of time on mobile devices lean more towards males, with 71 percent compared to female gamers taking up the remaining 29 percent. Moderate players show leaner numbers, with 59 percent male compared to 41 percent female. Meanwhile, non-players, who are casual mobile users, have greater female numbers, at 63 percent compared to the 37 percent made up by males.

However, when it comes to spending habits, it appears that males in general pay a bit more than female gamers – with certain genres. In the matching puzzles market, 73 percent of the audience consists of females, spending $159 million for the year, while males make up the other 27 percent with $59 million. Meanwhile, combat city builder games tell a much different story, as only 23 percent of females buy in with $77 million, while males dominate with 77 percent and $258 million, making up a majority of the revenue.

The general ratio shows that males over index in genres that create are likely to spend $99 yearly on mobile games, while females tend to spend far less, just barely under a dollar ($.99).

These spending habits are likely to continue fluxuating within the coming year, with possibly even more female gamers coming on board. Now it’s just a matter of marketers trying to reach out further to them in terms of spending more money.



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