When Activision Blizzard released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 last year, the game was an instant hit, setting records with its sales of $550 million in just five days and more than $1 billion by mid-January 2010. Now, according to new data from Entertainment Retailers Association in the U.K. (as spotted by MCV), the game can officially be crowned king of all entertainment across the pond for 2009.

The ERA said that the game sold an estimated 2,926,637 units in the few weeks it was actually on the market in 2009. That placed it ahead of other major launches like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which sold 2,193,700 copies on DVD in 09. The Top 10 entertainment sales chart is below, and two other games also made the cut: FIFA 10 and Wii Sports Resort.

Top 10 2009 U.K. Entertainment Chart (unit sales):

1. COD: Modern Warfare 2 (Activision) 2,926,637 game
2. Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince (Warner) 2,193,700 video
3. FIFA 10 (EA) 2,155,697 game
4. Quantum of Solace (Fox) 2,040,229 video
5. Twilight (E1 Ent) 1,815,543 video
6. Susan Boyle: I Dreamed A Dream (Sony) 1,714,369 music
7. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo) 1,488,797 game
8. Lady GaGa: The Fame (Universal) 1,458,289 music
9. Slumdog Millionaire (Fox) 1,383,838 video
10. Transformers Revenge Fallen (Paramount) 1,362,020 video