Shigeru Miyamoto is nearing what would be retirement age for most people, but he’s still making new games. His focus in gaming has shifted but clearly his enthusiasm has not.

“One thing I can say is I am constantly thinking,” says Miyamoto.”Most of the fun things I find cannot necessarily be turned into video games right away. But it grows, and one day, it all comes together. So it’s not like one day I get a strong inspiration for an idea. Most of the time, what I experience in life turns into a game eventually.”

When the 3DS was brought up, he said, “3D is nothing new in our world. When we were young we used to experience 3D with the type of glasses with red and blue lenses. And today, in order for many people to view 3D films, they definitely need some special glasses.

The fortunes of Nintendo have been slumping a bit of late, though Miyamoto has a simple philosophy on the matter. “Nintendo makes software for our own hardware,” says Miyamoto. “Of course I try to make software that is valuable enough for customers to pay for it. So the fact that different types of games are available to customers, and what happens to Nintendo’s games seems a separate issue to me. So my goal is to continue creating the software to high standards. As long as we keep doing that, I believe our business will follow.”

Source: BBC