By many accounts, the capabilities of the Wii U are roughly on par with that of the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime got defensive when a CNN journalist suggested the hardware between the three systems were roughly equivalent.

“I’m going to have to correct you because the specs are quite different to the competitive systems,” said Fils-Aime. “[The Wii U is] much more graphically intensive. If you did a side-by-side comparison you would actually see that third-party games, like Call of Duty, look dramatically better on our system.”

Fils-Aime also suggested that Nintendo content was the reason to purchase the system if a customer already has an iPad. “Additionally, this tablet is seamlessly connected to the system, meaning there is no lag, there’s no delay – that allows us to add a lot of features that you can’t get on any other competitors’ devices,” he asserted.

Whatever the assertions by Fils-Aime, many third-party titles on the Wii U have been criticized for not meeting the standards of their counterparts on PS3 and Xbox 360. “Without question, it has a few issues,” said Jeremy Parish of 1UP on Mass Effect 3. “This version of ME3 seems a lot less visually stable than, say, the Xbox 360 version – the frame rate is choppier, the animation seems rougher.”

IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey struck out against Wii U’s Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. “Visually, this is hardly going to make your PS3 and Xbox-owning friends envious,” he said. “In fact, Razor’s Edge is arguably uglier than its cousins, with bland textures and a bad case of the ‘jaggies’ combining to create a muddy look that would’ve been called out seven years ago during the Xbox 360’s launch.”

Other sites like GameTrailers have posted side-by-side views of Batman Arkham Asylum: Armored Edition next to the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases, visibly demonstrating the problems with texture loading on the Wii U.

Source: CVG