From BBC:

Former Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl have said they are “dismayed and very disappointed” at how Kurt Cobain is used in a video game.

They do not agree that the band’s late frontman can be used to play songs by other artists in the new Guitar Hero.

In a joint statement, they said they “didn’t know” Cobain’s character in the game could be used to play any kind of song the player wants.

As mentioned above, Kurt Cobain can be used by gamers in Guitar Hero 5 to play a multitude of songs, not only those by his original band, Nirvana. Viral videos like the one embedded below have proven embarrassing to fans of the revered pioneer of grunge rock, and is exactly not what Activision needs when going up against the venerable Beatles and their edition of Rock Band.


Courtney Love, widow of Cobain, also commented on the situation:Love has also criticised the game on Twitter and has threatened to sue Activision.The star said she “never signed” off the game and claimed, “there’s been four breaches of a very strict contract”.She added: “This trust are my employees, but whatthey [sic] are tryong [sic] to do is sickening, and they need to be fired, and repairations [sic] need made.” The legal and monetary battles will come and go, but the impact to a music-based brand as popular as Guitar Hero may be severe. Guitar Hero and Rock Band have gained in popularity partly through record labels and bands understanding their music would be treated with respect, and music fans have come to accept that. This is getting ugly, and quickly.