While most games are hugely reliant on initial sales, that pressure has been relieved somewhat by Kickstarter supported projects. For Obsidian Entertainment creative director Chris Avellone, post-launch sales will just be icing on the cake.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s a flop, although I don’t believe that it will be,” said Avellone. “The nice thing about Kickstarter is that people have already paid for the title. So anything else that happens after that is great, but we know what our budget is, and practically speaking, that’s all we’re really focused on: ‘We’re going to make a game for this amount of money.'”

“We already have the backer support. They’ve already paid for it. That’s our end destination. If it ends up getting released and selling a lot of copies, great. If it sells enough where we can support future installments, we’ll absolutely do that. If it doesn’t make much of a profit, and we did want to do another installment, we’d probably take it back to Kickstarter,” he added. “Hitting the funding the first day was awesome and also scary at the same time, because we were like, ‘Oh my god, we have to figure out these stretch goals a lot faster than we’d planned for’.”

Source: Gamasutra