David Rubin

Pinterest has always been a site that’s been geared more towards female users, with its approach and design showing a certain touch that simply appeals to that kind of audience. Which leads to the question some of you may be asking — why is a man in charge of it

That man, David Rubin, is the current head of brand at the website, coming off a previous job where he worked as senior vice president of marketing at Unilever, doing work for Axe men’s body care. Quite a change, to say the least.

Speaking with Digiday, Rubin explained how the growth of the size is vastly important to him. “Growth is my mandate,” he said. “There’s a large and incredibly committed user base. Expanding that into more audiences and expanding it globally is why I am here.”

What does that mean Bringing a bigger male portion of the audience to Pinterest. There are a decent amount of them using the site now, although 71.5 percent of the general audience continues to be women. So the big growth opportunity would appear to be in getting men to use the site, hence the choice of Rubin.

However, many believe that Rubin is an ideal fit for the job. “David Rubin is really big on using data — sociological, behavioral, etc. — to tap into what motivates people,” said DigitasLBi group director of social and content strategy Jill Sherman. “And that’s where Pinterest is failing with men. They haven’t cracked the motivation code. How to attract men and keep them using the platform beyond saving things that pique their interest.”

Rubin knows he’s got an uphill struggle ahead of him, though. “This is a fantastic brand already,” he noted. “My job is to help unlock that for more people, more often.”

Do you think Rubin is up to ask for leveling out Pinterest’s audience

Source: Digiday