Like bounty hunters to bullion, game pirates were drawn to Activision s 2009 blockbuster  Modern Warfare 2.   IGN is reporting that the PC version of the game has become the most pirated title of the year, citing data provided by digital download service TorrentFreak.  The game is estimated to have been downloaded illegally more than 4 million times.  IGN says the number could translate into loss of sales to Activision of more than $245 million, assuming that inside of every pirate is a premium price paying consumer waiting to get out.

TorrentFreak also provided their top legally downloaded games for the year.  They are EA titles The Sims 3 and Need for Speed Shift, Activision’s Prototype, and Capcom’s Street Fighter IV.   The company’s tallies for the year show total torrent downloads doubled those of last year.

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