The PlayStation 4 is a sleek little system, a black unit with a futuristic, slanted design that makes it rather simple to activate and put in games. Still, we can’t help but wonder…what if it was modeled after an Atari 2600

After Oculus VR’s John Carmack posted a picture of an Atari 2600 sitting on top of a PlayStation 4, a designer by the name of “Phantom Fighter” took it upon himself to design a custom PlayStation 4 system via Photoshop with the classic wood grain design of the 80’s console, as well as a controller that features black design with red buttons, and circular pads similar in design to the original Atari 2600 controller.

Though the system modification isn’t real, it certainly leaves us wondering who could rebuild a model in real life. Don’t be surprised if someone makes a skin that would work wonders for the PlayStation 4.

Source: The Food Sucks