PointMMO has launched a digital distribution platform for MMO titles. Given the same name as the company, it is designed to help companies self-publish and distribute their games and is designed with social features in mind that will work well between MMO titles.

“While there are other digital distribution platforms already operating, not one of them has a focus on MMO players,” said CEO PointMMO Kay Gruenwoldt. “Our system is designed to be the fastest and easiest way for MMO players to find, try, and play MMO games.”

“With our leading progressive download and streaming technologies, we get players into games without them even having to install the client, and in a fraction of the time a full download takes,” said PointMMO CTO Jens Bohnwagner. “For Free-to-Play publishers, the player benefits are clear and the innovative business model accommodates their needs much better than other digital distribution platforms.”

Source: PointMMO