Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Andrew House told the Wall Street Journal that Sony is raising its internal projections on how many PS4’s will be sold, without providing details. However, House did note that “demand may well outstrip supply.” Other sources of information tend to confirm Sony’s projections. GameStop executives concurred that the PS4 looks to have taken an early lead with preorders, and Amazon reports that the PS4 and many of its exclusive software titles hold the top slots on the best-selling lists in the game section.

“We’re excited about the momentum,” said Sony Computer Entertainment of America chief executive officer Jack Tretton. He downplayed the threat of the mobile market, insisting smartphones and tablets are gateways into console gaming. “I think there are more people going from smartphones to tablets to Call of Duty than those going from Call of Duty to smartphones and tablets,” Tretton said. “We’re clearly betting that the future is very bright for the console.”