President Barack Obama’s connection to his constituency via social media was solidified when he announced victory via Facebook and Twitter with a photo of him embracing Michelle Obama simply titled “four more years.” This was retweeted over 700,000 times and is believed to be the most retweeted photo of all time.

On Facebook, the photo saw over 3.3 million ‘likes’. “This Barack Obama photo is the most-liked Facebook photo of all time,” the social network announced.


President Obama was much more active in his social media use that Romney, and even took to Reddit in the final hours to answer questions and remind people to vote. “It’s really about a connected relationship with him, it doesn’t feel like he’s just someone out there, there is connectedness,” said Zach Green, head of 140Elect. “It shows that the model of very active engagement, having a loud voice seems to be effective. But it’s hard to prove that he wouldn’t have won without this.”

Source: AFP