Radian Games has reported that their game Bombcats has received 100,000 downloads but fewer than 100 in-app purchases. The developer indicates that these numbers are not good enough to keep the company in business and postulated as to how this happened.

“Making a free-to-play game that’s not pushy about purchases and signing into Facebook or whatever else just doesn’t work without many millions of downloads, and though Bombcats will get to a million eventually (downloads will drop off after the first week), there are very few examples of a game exploding well after launch,” posted Radian. “The bigger problem than downloads: It’s obvious now Bombcats is just too generous with everything. It’s more generous than many paid games. I was hoping the quality and value of the game would draw people in, make them happier to spend some money on it as they further along, and more likely to tell others about it. The 2nd may still happen, but the first is barely happening.”

As a result of this, Radian will alter the game to be more aggressive about converting in-app purchases.

Source: RadianGames.com