Roadhouse Interactive announced that it has acquired The Embassy Interactive. The Embassy Interactive was founded in 2008 and has developed several social games including UFC Undisputed Fight Nation for Facebook and Tangram Puzzle Pro for iPhone.

“The acquisition of Embassy is a strategic fit for us and a critical step in our growth,” said James Hursthouse, Roadhouse CEO. “Roadhouse continues to grow as an end-to-end solution provider for the development, production, and live game operations of Triple A online and social games. This acquisition opens a new chapter in the Roadhouse story, enabling us to move forward with an expanded slate of innovative projects in the future.”

The Embassy Interactive will become Roadhouse Game Studios and will focus on new product development for Facebook, smartphones and tablets, effective immediately. They will continue to work with third-party studios in addition to internal development.

“Roadhouse is a proven Triple A online games company, and we are excited about what we will be able to achieve together and to help accelerate Roadhouse’s business” said Gary Kanazawa, Embassy Interactive CEO. “Joining Roadhouse allows our talented team to focus exclusively on what they do best – create great interactive entertainment!”

Tarrnie Williams, Roadhouse Interactive President, will be acting studio head until further notice, Embassy Interactive founder Sebastiaan Reinarz will continue on as Creative Director at the new studio, while founder Ryan Donaldson will serve as an external design adviser for Roadhouse Interactive. Roadhouse Game Studios operate as a separate entity from Roadhouse Interactive.